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      A classic
Volkswagens are famed for their traditional quality and the New Beetle is naturally no exception all materials used are carefully tested and have outstanding workmanship. The body is galvanised giving reliable protection against rust. The high-strength panels on the New Beetle are given additional stability at specific points which achieves a very high level of torsional rigidity. The precision fit of body parts results in picture-perfect dimensions.

Legendary curves
Every part of the New Beetle is curvy. Take for example the beautifully moulded backlights that make a statement and turn on the desire everywhere you go.

Elegantly crafted
The sleek headlights on the New Beetle are crafted to perfection. And help put a face to that legendary smile, each time you see the New Beetle.

Touches of perfection
To compliment the beautiful design of the New Beetle is a third brake light that seamlessly fits in at the back.

Attention to detail
The attractive design of the door handles are inspired by the rounded contours of the New Beetle.

Intricate precision
The clock and outside temperature display above the rear-view mirror match the interior design perfectly.
EVM Volkswagen 2010