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Maximum safety on board
      Self assured
Yes, we know itís a small car. But when it comes to safety, the New Beetle gives you a feeling of security the moment you are seated inside. With ESP, ABS and other safety features in tow, the New Beetle comprises of a comprehensive active safety package, making it one of the safest vehicles in its class. We have also equipped the New Beetle with a passive safety package that gives you the greatest possible protection. The carefully matched restraint system, consisting of four airbags and a 3-point inertia reel seat belt system at front and rear, is also part of the standard equipment. Go ahead and enjoy the drive.
Steady steering
You have a good grip on everything with the height and rake adjustment for the steering wheel Ė and a good view of the instrument cluster with blue illumination
Stability on the road
The Electronic Stabilisation Programme (ESP) keeps the New Beetle safely on course.
Always in control
Reassurance: The Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) ensures that the New Beetle remains steerable and controllable even when the braking is hard.
Reliably secure
An additional safety feature is the reflectors, which ensure that you can be clearly seen in the dark when the doors are opened.

Safe and secure
The front passengerís airbag can easily be deactivated with the key of the vehicle.

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