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New Passat

Those who have the taste for the extraordinary can experience genuine enthusiasm in each and every Passat. The chrome elements, alloy wheels and exclusive interior assert the need for uniqueness and make you stand out in the crowd. Discover Passat the elegant vehicle.

The new Passat incorporates BlueMotion Technologies. This refers to a set of technologies that drastically reduces the carbon footprint of the car and enhances fuel efficiency while maintaining the fun of driving.

Front grille design
The chrome louvres of the restyled radiator grille and front air intake with chrome trimmed surround, lend an assured elegance and refinement to the front design.
Stylish headlamps and tail lights
The Bi-Xenon headlamps, equipped with LED running lights, convey a fresh contemporary look. Complimenting this visual appeal are the attractive LED tail lights, which have also been specially chosen for their practical aspects - they are intensely luminous, quick to light up and long lasting, while utilising less power.
Unique climate seats
Comfort should be customisable. Which is why, the front seats hove built-in, fully adjustable, active air-conditioning that circulate warm or cool air directly to the persons occupying them, further enhancing individualised comfort. Add to that, the 12-way adjustable front seats with driver-seat memory, specifically designed to offer lumbar support regardless of build and size. The head restraints offer both vertical and horizontal adjustment options, always ensuring the best possible spinal position.
Attention Assist
While the new Passat does all in its power to pamper you, it is also committed to keeping you safe. The attention Assist feature, for instance, makes sure you stay fully alert at all times when you drive. Attention Assist first identifies your initial steering pattern. Any variance to this pattern caused by drowsiness or lack of attention is picked up by the system. It then gives off a warning chime accompanied by a flashing icon on the dashboard. This is adequate warning for you to be alert again and better still, take a break from driving.
Everything about the new Passat aims for utmost safety. The ABS (anti-lock braking system) is a fine example. This reliable technology ensures the wheels never jam or skid out of control after sudden braking. This makes it easier to steer to safety and avoid impact.
At the heart of the new Passat lies the advanced TDI engine, characterised by key benefits like fuel economy, low emissions and high pulling power. It delivers a pulse -racing 170 PS (125Kw) of power and generates a torque of 350 Nm @ 1750-2500 rpm. To ensure that this power never affect the quiet inside the cabin, the new Passat has effective engine encapsulation which ensures the engine noise is kept to a minimum. The hydraulic engine mounts smooth, low-vibration running.
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