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      A robust machine
The Touareg can be easily identified by its shield-shaped radiator grill finished in a chrome look, which typifies the Volkswagen brand. The headlights casing and chrome trim further embodies the beauty of the machine. Steal a glance of the robust Touareg on the roads, or off it for that matter, to know what makes it the best in its class.
Between the Highway and Himalayas.
A 6-speed automatic gearbox transmits controlled engine power to the wheels.The automatic transmission with a built-in intelligent dynamic shift programme recognises your gearshift pattern and adapts itself accordingly.
Extensively equipped
No matter what little surprises lie in store for you on the road, you can handle just about anything in the Volkswagen Touareg. Armed with extensive safety features to equip you for the unexpected, and designed to offer the highest levels of driving pleasure, the Touareg delivers new standards of performance with all the comforts of a luxury SUV.
A perfect symbiosis
SUV meets luxury class saloon. The Touareg achieves this symbiosis to perfection. Its outstanding off-road characteristics are coupled with extraordinary elegance. Generous proportions, stylish design and carefully selected materials create an exclusive ambience. And travelling is even more fun on its comfortable seats, surrounded by sophisticated materials and high-quality wood trim.
EVM Volkswagen 2010