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      Between the Highway and Himalayas
A 6-speed automatic gearbox transmits controlled engine power to the wheels.The automatic transmission with a built-in intelligent dynamic shift programme recognises your gearshift pattern and adapts itself accordingly.
On mountainous terrain
You can easily handle extreme off-road situations.
On the highway
You can get to know the sporty side of the suspension on level asphalt and fast journeys. This not only reduces undulations but also improves road-holding. Precise suspension geometry further optimises cornering behavior.
Across tough terrain
4XMOTION permanent all-wheel drive assures outstanding reliable traction and active safety on virtually every surface by distributing engine power to all four wheels as required, depending on the situation. 4XMOTION drive therefore significantly improves handling, agility and steering behavior resulting in top level dynamics and driving enjoyment.
      Wading depth: up to 500 mm
Wading depth of up to 500 mm, in case you decide to drive across a raging river.

Hill-climbing ability: 45 degree
Whether itís going uphill or downhill, the New Touareg is always at ease. With its hill climbing ability of up to 45 degrees, and hill descent control thatís activated automatically, at certain angles, as it goes downhill.

Side slope angle: 35 degree
Completely at ease on gradients of up to 35 degrees the New Touareg drives safely even on sloped roads.
Ramp angle: 27 degree
Easily able to handle a ramp angle of up to 27 degrees. The stray tree trunk across the road will no more be difficult to surpass.
*All the figures and technical data mentioned on the website refer to the Touareg V6 TDI without Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), which will be offered in India.
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