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Convenience in the Vento is a given, what with countless nights and numerous weekends put in by our engineers in designing the interiors. Much thought has gone into each and every feature, so as to make your driving experience that much more pleasurable.
Multi-function display
Enjoy your favourite music as you drive. The convenience of audio controls, call answering and bluetooth control, now right at your fingertips.
Climatronic air-conditioning
The intelligent Climatronic air-conditioning makes it a point to always keep you comfortable. The Vento automatically regulates the temperature to ensure a pleasant climate, making every journey a comfortable one.
Adjustable front seats and Rear AC vents
Maximise legroom at the back with SpaceMax control. For the first time in this segment, a car allows you to adjust the co-driverís seat from the back. The individually adjustable dual rear AC vents make the journey at the back as comfortable as the front.
Arm rest in the front seat
An armrest for you while driving is a comfort youíll take no time in getting used to. For all the drives that involve Ďstop-goí traffic, this little wonder makes a big difference.
Adjustable steering wheel
We understand that no two drivers are the same. As a result, weíve made the steering wheel adjustable for both, reach and rake. Finding the perfect driving position is not just a matter of comfort. Itís what makes the Vento that much better to drive. Whatís more, the steering wheel comes stylishly leather wrapped, for a perfect grip and added comfort.
Fully lined trunk floor
Why choose when you can carry your world with you? The trunk offers all the space you desire. And the attention to detail is clearly evident. Note the low loading height that makes it that much easier to heft heavy luggage and the discreet rub shield that protects the body from scratches. Trunk illumination adds to the convenience. Why, take a look at the fully lined trunk, trunk floor and the well-finished trunk lid, and youíll find beauty even in the smallest of details.
Cup holder
Comfort meets convenience in the Vento. Stylishly tucked beneath the rear AC vents is a foldable cupholder, that gives a perfect grip to your morning or evening cuppa.
Efficient reading lights.
For those obsessed with reading, the Vento caters to your need as well. The thoughtfully positioned lamps above the rear seat make sure that your perusal is always well illuminated.
CD/MP3 player with 4 speakers
Thereís never a dull moment in a Volkswagen. The RCD 220/320 music system with 4 speakers, integrated USB, AUX-IN and SD card slot makes for truly memorable company everytime youíre out for a spin.
Hidden compartment in the arm rest
Concealed underneath the front armrest is a fully flocked bin that makes sure no scratches mar the shine of your mobile phone when itís placed in it.
Bottle holder
Neatly designed on the front doors are the large bottle holders integrated into the map pockets, for easy accessibility.
Glove box
A glove box that can hold a lot more than just a pair of gloves.
Head rests
With greater success in the offing, youíll need to keep a level head. Well equipped with fully adjustable headrests, the Vento ensures safety along with total comfort.
Electrically Adjustable ORVM
Youíll be pleasantly surprised by the electrically adjustable mirrors which are controlled by an intuitive joystick control. A flick of the wrist and there you have it; perfectly positioned mirrors.
Rear armrest on the back seat
The foldable armrest in the rear ensures that even the passengers at the back are taken good care of.
Height-adjustable driverís seat
The perfect combination of comfort and posture comes naturally once you are in the driverís seat, what with its height adjustment lever. Ingenious, if we may say so.
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