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The elegantly designed headlights and the chrome accented front grille add to the charm of the Vento. Our designers constantly try and come up with fresh features to make your drive a lot more stylish. And the newest addition to the Vento Highline are a pair of sleek, black headlamps. The next time you hit the road, do it in style.

Rear view mirrors
The body-coloured rear view mirrors blend effortlessly with the muscular body lines of the Vento. Areas most prone to unsightly scratches feature a black base for added protection.

Body-coloured door handles
The sleek body-coloured door handles complement the Vento’s distinct profile. Scientifically recessed, the handles are designed to protect the paint from unfortunate scratches

Alloy wheels
The beauty of the Vento, now even more enhanced. Stylish and sporty new alloy wheels are sure to get heads turning your way.

Indicator lamps
When everyone thought nothing could be done to improve the headlights, we thought otherwise. We put indicator lamps in them. The elegantly designed headlights with chrome on the front grille will reinstate your belief in the words, “Love at first sight”.

Rear light clusters
The clean yet stunning body lines distinctive to the Vento are carried over to its tail end as well. Subtle touches of chrome on the boot lid and well flushed integrated tail lights reiterate that the Vento is truly best in its class.

Volkswagen insignia
The Volkswagen insignia on the rear signifies our passion towards exceptional engineering.

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