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The Vento offers two 1.6L variants available in a choice of diesel and petrol. The Double Overhead Cam (DOHC) 16 valve, 1.6L petrol engine delivers 105 PS (77kW) of peak power and a peak torque of 153 Nm at an easy 3800 rpm. And ensuring zero compromise, it offers a fuel-efficiency of 15.04 km/l for the manual transmission and 14.4 km/l for the automatic transmission under (ARAI) test conditions. Equally superior is the Turbocharged Common Rail 1.6L diesel engine in the Vento that is designed to deliver dynamic performance and go frugal on fuel as well. This engine produces 105 PS (77kW) of unbridled power and an amazing torque of 250 Nm from 1500 rpm to 2500 rpm. It offers a fuel-efficiency of 20.5 km/l under (ARAI) test conditions. Take it out for a drive and you’ll know why they call it “the best of both worlds.”

5-speed manual transmission
Refinement is the hallmark of the 5-speed manual transmission. The gear knob comes stylishly wrapped with high quality leather, effortlessly delivering a positive shift action. Besides, this transmission helps deliver exhilarating performance coupled with impressive fuel-efficiency, making it a force to reckon with.

6-speed automatic transmission
The 6-speed automatic transmission adapts to the driving style of the driver - from leisurely cruising to sporty performance. If need be, you could even take matters into your own hands with the Tiptronic gearshift function. Available in 1.6L petrol highline only.

1.6 litre petrol and diesel engine
The Vento features our latest 1.6L Common Rail diesel technology which is incredibly fuel-efficient, yet surprisingly quiet. You’d probably need to drive it to believe it.

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