Your Volkswagen deserves care!

Conceived with technologies and precision engineering, your Volkswagen is built to last. There is a respective amount of upkeep that your car deserves. Your Volkswagen deserves a service every 1-year or 15,000 kms* under ideal circumstances. Periodic scheduling based on your odometer reading is something your car measure by itself. The automatic lighting of your dashboard tells you when it’s time for a Volkswagen service.

Convenient and Cost-effective service intervals

At EVM Volkswagen, the quality of service we offer is quite appreciated, thanks to the best-in-class maintenance programs and our certified experts.

Mostly, the area of work included in a service could be changing the consumables or wear and tear of electrical or mechanical parts. Our multi-point inspection gives out a detailed report on the powertrain, suspension, brakes, tires, gaskets, hoses, and even the wiper blades.

Volkswagen cars need high-grade and 100% Synthetic Oil that will ensure the longevity of the engine. It is hence, important to ensure timely oil changes to experience a smoother and efficient driving experience.

Long drives or driving through harsh conditions may result in an additional burden on the braking components. The pads and discs tend to wear off in such cases, and this results in brake fade. So, keep your trust in your Volkswagen cars stopping power with Genuine Volkswagen Parts.

The only contacting part between the road surface and your car is the tires. The wheel alignment, rotation, or tire replacement, Volkswagen service is equipped with all of these to keep your car intact on the roads.

Battery health is essential to smooth running of your Volkswagen, A host of electronic safety and convenience features owe their optimum functioning to a healthy battery. This is only possible with a Genuine Volkswagen battery that’s engineered to handle the electronic demands of your Volkswagen. Timely maintenance ensures the check on each stage in the life of your battery.

Even the wiper blades need superior wiping quality and performance. The wiper blades should be in the right fit for the curvature of the windshield with improved wear resistance. So, this item is changed at every Volkswagen service centre.

The pollen filter regulates the quality of air inside the car. Odd odours and unclean interior are perfect signs for a replacement. Replace it with Genuine Volkswagen filters that are designed to filter out 99% of dust particles down to 0.5 microns to ensure fresh air recirculation in the cabin.

The blocked airflow initiates adverse effects on the fuel economy and longevity of the engine. So, the air filter ensures smooth, non-contaminated airflow for your engine. Also, the filter design varies according to models and so you may need an air filter change if your car is running a bit rough or has increased idling speeds.

At EVM Volkswagen, we keep your safety as our priority. Our team takes control of every essential hygiene measure to be taken. We ensure that each customer who reaches out to us feels protected and safe.

Peace of mind, now just a click away!

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